Jack Lord Estate Sale

COMING JULY 15, 2012


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John Joseph Patrick Ryan, better known as Jack Lord (December 30, 1920 – January 21, 1998)


Jack Lord will probably be the best remembered as Steve McGarett in the long running television series "Hawaii Five-O" (aired 1968-1980), but he was much more than that however. He starred in several movies, directed several episodes of his show, was in several Broadway productions, and was an accomplished artist. Two of his paintings were acquired by New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and the British Museum of Modern Art by the time he was twenty. Lord was also known for being a very cultured man who loved reading poetry out loud on the set of his TV show and as being somewhat reclusive at his Honolulu home.

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Beginning July 15th, 2012

Our sale will now be delayed further than our expected start date and will begin on July 15th. We apoligize for the delay. 
In 2007, a previous portion of his estate was sold on eBay by a seperate entity. Today, we are the sole company in care of the remaining items in his estate. We hold these with a guaranteed assurance of authenticity backed with documented paperwork through The First Hawaiian Bank. We will begin selling and auctioning off all items exclusively on eBay starting in June of this year.

Please check back here periodically for updates.